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MyHeritage Publishes Name Index from U.S. and Canadian Historical Newspapers, with Nearly 1B Names

See Article MyHeritage has published massive new collection of 982 million names, extracted from their U.S. and Canadian historical newspaper collections. About the collection

The collection is an index of names that were extracted from existing free-text U.S. and Canadian newspaper collections on MyHeritage. The free text in these collections was generated from the scanned images of newspapers using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which converts images into text.

The new Newspaper Name Index does not replace the free-text newspaper collections, but is added on top of them as a separate collection. What’s more, this name index is the fruit of only half of our newspapers, and the other half of the name index is currently being generated and will be published soon, so that nearly one billion additional records will soon be added.

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