Nikki Williams Sebastian


"Black O'Kelleys and White O'Kelleys Meet and a New History is Revealed”
By Aisha Sultan, Home and Family Editor
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, Missouri

“A Passion for Genealogy Leads Family on Unexpected Journey”
By Art Holliday, Sonya Potter
Building Bridges Segment. KSDK-TV, St. Louis, Missouri

Blog Mentions:

Journeyings without Murmurings
"A Dad, a Grandma, and a Hundred New Cousins"

By Ruth Smedley

"First African American Revolutionary War Patriot in Alabama Honored"
​By Michael Henderson

Published Articles:
"William A. Roberson: Born a Slave in Kentucky—Died a Wealthy Man in St. Louis (2020)
​"The Origins of Fears of Immigrant's Diseases" (2015)
A Story of Racing and Slavery in Antebellum Louisiana, 1840-1860” (2017)

Family Media Projects  

"Women of Color Celebrate Ancestors who Fought in Revolutionary War"
NBC Nightly News
Producer: Kori Lynch

"We Are Family - The O'Kelleys - Joyce A. Huston and Argie Hoskins-Shumway"
Blog Talk Radio with Bernice Bennett, ​
​Link to interview 

"Episode 232 – Cousins All: The Black O’Kelleys And The White O’Kelleys"
Extreme Genes: America's Family History Show
by Ryan Bennett Interview by Scott Fisher, ExtremeGenes.com

"Nikki Sebastian Discussing Hark West at RootsTech 2018"
RootsTech 2018 - Salt Lake City, Utah
Interview by Anita Henderson, 
​The Genealogist's Writing Room